2-3 Year Marketing Strategy Plan

Everything we do as an agency is based on research. The marketing plan would be no different. We would need to have weeks to simply learn more about RTS and its goals. From there we can ideate solutions and recommend deliverables. 

Beenish – We would love to lean into your expertise and experience. On our own we would not be able to accomplish these goals. We want to be clear that we will need support from a high level. We need to know more about RTS from yourself and others.

Brand Strategy & Visual Branding Guidelines

Branding is our bread and butter. We can create a brand strategy and visual guidelines to help RTS thrive and create a recognizable presence.

We believe the foundational elements such as message, vision, mission and tone are key to creating the visual components.

Content, 1/2-Pagers, Decks, Brochures, Whitepapers, Blogs

These graphic / creative deliverables are what we do for most of our clients and what we can do for RTS.

We will have a designated designer to handle these graphic / content needs.

* In terms of the technical copy, this must be provided by RTS.

* Keep in mind that turn around time depends on the deliverable and its complexity.

* We believe company culture and a healthy work life balance is important. We aim to have our designers and creatives stop working at 5pm. 

PR & Event Management

Unfortunately, this is not a service that we provide. We can come along side a PR & Event Management company to provide creative assets (banners, booths, marketing assets, advertising, social media posting). 

We would not be a good fit to manage the production or logistics of an event. This is not within the scope of work of Dotted8. We have connections with event management and production teams in the DFW area. We can make those connections if needed or work along side an event management team.

Website Maintenance

We can maintain your website and suggest improvements. We can also create reports for analysis. This should drive our marketing decisions.

In terms of custom solutions and web-based software, we have a team developers. If there’s something beyond simple maintenance, we can handle that on a per project basis. 

Social Media Management

Dotted8 can handle everything from strategy, planning, posting, photography, graphic creation and engagement with the community.

We would also suggest investing in paid ads on social media. After an assessment of your audience we can create a plan for marketing on specific platforms. 


We’ve assembled a few projects/clients that are from smaller business. We’ve helped most of these businesses build their brands from the ground up. 

*These are two clients of ours which are not public yet:

Hyde Park Schools, Austin, TX  – We worked with the staff at the school to handle all their creative needs. They have a staff about 100+. Our monthly services include – branding, social media management, web maintenance, email marketing, print marketing, photography.

Far South Wholesale Nursery – This is an ongoing project. They are one of the largest wholesale plant nurseries in Texas. 

Our deliverables include branding, web design, UX design, customer experience design, and print materials for their physical location.

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Design a captivating web experience to drive counseling professionals to take classes at the Imago Institute.
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UBM Americas

Website design for the UK based media company, United Business Media: Americas Division. (acquired by Informa Markets).
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Digital Turbine

Website design for mobile app advertising and media platform; Digital Turbine. This design was created for their "Agency Partnership Program" marketing campaign.
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Marketing and creative services for a ping pong bar located in Long island, NY.
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